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A Marketer’s Guide to Facebook

Facebook has been a minefield for many marketers that see it solely as the domain of paid ads or social posting, but this marketer’s guide shows you how to set up a successful branded page on the leading social platform, enabling your brand to make the most of Facebook.

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Social Media Advertising – What are the options?

A definitive rundown of all the possible options available for paid advertising on the main social media platforms – if you need to know what’s available to ensure paid social success for your brand, this is the place to start.


Social Media Cheat Sheet

This short guide is more of a deep dive into the most important social platforms – an intermediary resource to accompany the pros and cons infographic. This eBook offers some deeper insight into what goes where and how for the main channels.

Twitter ebook

A Marketer’s Guide to Twitter

With 320 million active users worldwide, marketers are finding that Twitter is a great way to boost brand awareness, increase website traffic and boost sales. This eBook covers the basics of using it, and demonstrates tips and techniques, using big brand examples.


Google’s URL Builder

Ever seen a URL with UTM tags and wondered what it was about, or wondered how to better track your incoming traffic from across social media platforms? This guide provides all you need to know about how to take advantage of this free tool.

Success With Social Sharing

This eBook breaks down what should and shouldn’t be happening on your social media platforms, dispelling some myths and getting to the heart of how to share on your social channels for the best results for your brand.


Social Media Checklist

Whether you’re an expert, or just starting out in the area of social media, it pays to have a quick reference point for your workload. By referring to this checklist whenever you start a social media project, you can avoid overlooking the simple things.

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A Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn

A practical guide to making the most of the world’s largest professional network to amplify your personal brand as well as increase the reach and influence of your business, including proven strategies and personal tips.



The Pros and Cons of Social Media

This handy infographic gives you the basics for each of the main social media channels, from Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn to Instagram, get a handy overview of each in an easy to digest visual that helps keep the key points in perspective.`


Facebook at a Glance

New to Facebook? Looking for an easy to understand resource to help with training new members of a team, or explaining the platform to other departments or clients? This fantastic infographic offers everything the uninitiated needs to know.

Google Analytics SEO Dashboards

Social Media Dashboard Icon

Social Media Dashboard

Building custom URLs is just the first step to measuring your social media successes – with this simple dashboard, you’ll be able to gain visibility of all traffic with a UTM medium including the keyword ‘social’, allowing you to make informed strategy decisions.

Social Media Advertising Dashboard

Social Media Advertising Dashboard

As with the social media dashboard, the paid dashboard will give you access to all the data you need – with the exception that the medium UTM must include the key term ‘paid-social’. Is your paid social strategy paying dividends? Find out using this dashboard template.

Online Resource


Social Media Planner

If your content is good, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t share it more than once. With this quick xlsx planner template, you can organise your posting schedule and UTM links to develop a schedule that makes the most of all your awesome content.