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feedTRAX™ is our bespoke feed optimisation technology that gives you the edge over competitors by ensuring your product feed conforms to best practices.

What are the benefits for your business?

You wouldn’t stand for shoddy points of purchase in-store or employ surly staff who ignored your customers and we think it makes sense to take the same care with your Google shopping experience.

By ensuring your product feed’s in tip top condition before it reaches Google’s Merchant Centre, we can make your Google shopping campaigns slicker, giving the best experience to your customers, while driving up sales and driving down your costs.

Together with our Shopping Campaigns service, feedTRAX™ offers a host of benefits, including:

FeaturesGreater exposure for your inventory

FeaturesIncreases conversions by improving relevency

FeaturesBoosts click through rate (CTR)

FeaturesReduces cost per click (CPC)

Product features

Product featureOptimises product titles to prioritise important information and avoid truncation

Product featureCleans up common errors, such as missing columns, or incorrect shipping information, that can lead to product disapproval

Product feature‘Bestsellers’ custom label to make sure your top performing products are prioritised

Product featureEnsures product categories comply with Google’s taxonomy and are as specific as possible

Product featureIncludes optional fields such as colour and gender to allow your products to be found in more specific searches

Product featureSets up Merchant Promotions to increase click through rate



Product featureEnhances product descriptions to ensure ads are eligible to show when you need them to

Product featureCreates custom labels to group products together and improve Shopping Campaign structure

Product featureIncreases the visibility of your most profitable products with a large stock, using custom labels for profit

Product featureExcludes poor performing products from the feed

Product featureAdds in mobile links if you have a mobile site

Product featureRegular uploads to Merchant Centre to ensure your feed does not expire

Product featureContinually tests different product titles and descriptions to find the copy that results in higher click through rates

Product options

We have the flexibility to apply optimisation rules to all the products in your feed or any subset you define and once set up they will continue to optimise the feed dynamically even when the input feed is updated. This optimised feed can then be pushed straight to the Merchant Centre which powers Google Shopping Campaigns.

It isn’t just Google that we can optimise feeds for either. Bing Ads launched their Bing Product Ads offering in Autumn 2015. There are a number of differences between the feed specifications for Google and Bing, and a feed optimised to Google’s best practice isn’t necessarily optimised according to Bing’s best practice. feedTRAX™ is able to simultaneously produce a Google optimised feed and a separate Bing optimised feed. We can also produce separate feeds for eBay, Amazon or any other platform that serves PLAs through a feed.

Don’t have an existing shopping feed? We can also create new feeds from scratch for most popular platforms, including:

Shopping feed platforms

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