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Google+, the social media sweetheart of 2014

Google+, the social media sweetheart of 2014?

Image-centric networks were the social media sweethearts of 2013 and they allowed businesses and consumers alike to showcase their personalities, with larger networks quickly making adaptations to keep up with the trend. So, how can you make social media work for you in 2014?

The popularity of image-centric social networks

First of all, there is no doubt in my mind that image-centric networks will continue to grow, so great imagery should be embedded into the heart of your digital marketing plan. Ensure that the images you create are those that your audience will love. Begin by taking the time to discover who your audience are, the content they engage with and what makes them tick. Find out what they would be happy to stick a big ‘thumbs up’ next to and share with their friends.

According to Jim Dougherty, a featured contributor of digital marketing journal ‘leaderswest’, “80% of Pinterest users are women, whilst 68% of Google+ users are male”. This year, let’s get smarter with how we are using our images and ensure that we are targeting the correct demographic within each platform.

For me, inspirational quote images are the marmite of social media sharing, you either love them or hate them, but either way, we can’t deny their power and there are lessons that we can take from them. This year, try encompassing your most important messages into images and closely monitor your audiences’ reaction. Multi-media storytelling isn’t just a phase – it’s now a staple of online marketing.


This leads me nicely onto Google+. As asides from a content plan adorned with images, Google+ should be a key player in your 2014 strategy.

The search benefits of Google+ have always been homed in on, but now its user base is growing… fast! As Google continues to tie all of its services closer together, Google+ is going to be hard to avoid in 2014. It felt like we waited a life-time for Google+ to really cement itself as a mainstream social media network and now it’s crucial that we accept that Google+ is the social foundation of Google. Before our eyes we are seeing everything on the web becoming transparent. Anonymous activity will no longer be practiced; soon we will be tied to our real world identities.

Authorship helps Google to make verified connections between your content and its creators, adding weight to your content and making it more authoritative in that given field

Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t view Google+ through rose tinted glasses. There are things I dislike about the platform and like many others, I have my pet peeves with it, but I am able to see its impending status and the growing importance of Google Authorship.

The author’s photo appearing in the search results is an obvious implementation of Google Authorship, but it goes much deeper than that. Authorship helps Google to make verified connections between your content and its creators, adding weight to your content and making it more authoritative in that given field.

It’s easy to set up a Google+ profile but not always easy to make it work for you. Here are “10 five-minute tips to transform your Google+ experience” that can help you get the most out of Google’s social networking site.

Social media is all about our experience online, and with our Facebook news feeds getting ever more crowded, it makes it harder for us to get our posts in front of fans who have already Liked our pages. Uniquely, Google+ allows us to share content amongst groups in a way that gives the content more credibility. Start building your circles!

This year, let’s not be so Facebook dependent; Google+ has the potential to be our social media sweetheart of 2014. Put that eyebrow down, it’s up to us as digital marketers to make it happen for our brand!

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