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Google Universal Analytics is out of beta

Universal Analytics is officially out of the beta testing phase and set to replace Google Analytics, the search engine giant has announced. Google published the news in an official blog post on Wednesday morning

Users who upgraded to Universal Analytics before it was out of the testing phase lost some standard features of the tool. However, since the beta testing period came to an end, all Google Analytics features are now available in Universal Analytics accounts.

So, what’s the difference between the classic Google Analytics tool and Universal Analytics? The latter still provides all the features of the classic version, but is now adept at analysing the behaviour of your customers within today’s multi-screen, multi-device digital landscape.

Indeed, alongside the same set of robust analytics tools from the classic version, Universal Analytics provides a whole host of new features including additional remarketing categorisation and more advanced audience reporting. Here are just a couple of our favourite additions to the new version of the tool:

Offline metrics can be pulled into Universal Analytics

The new Universal Analytics interface allows you to import offline data to acquire a holistic view of your customers’ behaviour patterns. This is a valuable tool in the ever-changing world of digital, where creating a holistic experience for users is integral to maximising your online success.

Cross-device tracking

The upgraded tool will allow you to capture a user’s ID on any device and push the data through to your Universal Analytics account. This will help you to pinpoint how users interact with your brand across multiple touchpoints, spanning mobile phones, laptops, tablet devices and more.

Although no official date has been released yet, Universal Analytics is expected to replace Google Analytics. However we recommend you upgrade sooner rather than later to begin taking advantage of all the new features.

As Google releases more information about Universal Analytics, we will continue to keep you updated. Keep your eyes peeled for an in-depth article about this in our monthly news round-up at the end of April.

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