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Relationship Mastery – a friendly look at Lukasz Zelezney’s Benchmark ’16 talk ‘Social Media for Commerce’

Zelezny is not only a master of relationship management and social leveraging, he’s also a man with tremendous energy and enthusiasm – by the end of his talk it was impossible not to see the link between the two attributes

Sprinting out of the blocks for his first Benchmark talk, Zelezny launched straight into a captivating half hour dissection and discussion of how to best use social media for the purpose of brand building. Anyone familiar with his social media presence will be aware of how active he is across platforms, but here we got to see the planning behind the impressive presence he maintains.

Initially he details the seven varieties of social media persona he uses – and how to engage them. From the ‘quiet follower’, tempted in by polls, quizzes, visual content and strong calls to action (CTAs) to the loyal fan whom, Zelezny says, should be recognised, rewarded with gifts and mentions in order to maintain the most positive persona relationship as he sees it, there is a discussion that artfully leads into his own tactics for brand promotion:

  1. Engaging big fishes
  2. Data utilisation
  3. Clever scheduling
  4. Finding and sharing interesting and relevant topics
  5. Engaging with headlines
  6. Engaging with thumbnails
  7. Amplify
  8. Paper.li
  9. Brand tracking
  10. Track results

The most important thing to take from this, however, is how un-cynical Zelezny is with his social interactions. He discusses the possibilities of using conversations with large brands to promote himself through retweets or responses that the brand’s followers can see, he talks about using trending hashtags in the same way, but what you come away with – which isn’t stated explicitly – is the impression that this works, at least in part, because of how genuine these interactions are.

He doesn’t post pictures of his minion accompanied train journey simply for retweets but because he thought it was funny, he tells Franky & Benny’s that he loves their scrambled eggs because he actually loves their scrambled eggs. Though the tips he shares are certainly capable of improving the social presence of brands and publishers, what will push these results further is harnessing the innate enthusiasm and interests of the brand’s employees and founders to do so.

It cannot be denied, however, that there is a lot of data-analysis and solid data-driven thinking behind his organisation. Pointing out scheduling tools and social analysis tools, Zelezny also makes a fantastic case for listening to audience signals and tailoring output to responses, as well as looking to engage the audience with each aspect of content from the header image on, he also advocates the use of various aggregators which enable him not only to share his own content, but also to help him find valuable content to share with his followers.

Again, though, Zelezny places his followers at the heart of his content production and distribution – finding and creating content of genuine value to his followers, engaging with them in comment sections and reaching out to publishers whose work he has enjoyed or who have enjoyed his own. Overall, this was an education not just in social media management, and how to build a brand’s presence, but also in harnessing the interests and affections of brands and channelling them into the process to help raise awareness and build relationships.

Need more information on how to run your brand’s social media accounts? Take a look at our blogs and resources – or contact us today to find out what Click Consult can do to take your brand to the next level. You can also find our more about Lukasz Zelezney here.

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