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Stop thinking start doing – a Benchmark 2016 talk review

Halliday, from Satsuma Loans, was at a bit of a disadvantage (having been tagged for a talk the evening before), so the title of his talk may not come as a surprise – he had little choice

Halliday has been practicing SEO for over a decade – since, he confides, it was as simple as white text on a white background to boost rankings. One of the main things he’s learned in this time, he says, was specifically about getting the most out of a conference.

While the amount of information on offer, especially at The Benchmark Search Conference, was enormous – the important thing was not to return to the office with a list the length of one’s arm which will never see the light of day, but to prioritise a top three.

The reason for this, Halliday posits, is that the process of prioritisation focuses your task list – ensuring that it is only the most vital of the possible options that you are taking back, and therefore increasing the chances of implementation and ROI on the costs of attending conferences.

Regardless of how long the list of important possible improvements is, he says, your actual ‘to do’ list should always remain short. This has vital implications for motivation and morale – as the completion of a short list gives a sense of achievement that will not come from achieving the same number of tasks on a longer list.

By ensuring you are working with small sections of an overarching strategy, you can become more responsive to change, quicker to implement improvements and, overall, better at getting things done.

Essentially this is good advice – and one of the reasons Click Consult operates in workflow periods, with quick wins and easily implemented changes taking precedence within a more complex and thorough overall client strategy.

As I’ve often said, search marketing is one of the most rapidly changing of all industries – and there is, therefore, a real importance that must be placed on the adaptability of a strategy. Working in sections permits the flexibility to adapt and adapt quickly to any changes implemented by Google or other search engines.

While Halliday’s talk may have been hastily cobbled together, the advice of ‘stop thinking and start doing’ is important. Too much time can be spent tinkering with the minutiae of long term strategy while little or nothing is done in the short term. With this in mind, we hope that everyone that attended The Benchmark Search Conference 2016 was able to leave with just such a list of priorities and is now seeing the rewards that come from their implementation.

Click Consult is an award winning search marketing agency with almost fifteen years of experience. To find out what we can do for your brand, contact us today.

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