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The Short Cutts: Matt Cutts tries to fool us

The Short Cutts is a collection of simple, concise answers to all of Matt Cutts’ videos, devised by the search team here at Click Consult. This was no walk in the park as Google’s Head of Web Spam has now created 531 videos in total, meaning that the team had their work cut out!

As with any good directory, The Short Cutts has its very own search bar where you can enter your SEO related questions. You will then be presented with the videos that Cutts has created on that topic (or a similar one). Alternatively you can choose to view the videos by category. A selection of the categories available are; Link building, Social Media, SEO Tools and Google Trivia. Additional to this, off the back of recent feedback and demand from non-English speaking countries, The Short Cutts now has a Google translate bar, making the site more accessible all over the world.

It’s undeniable that from day one, one of the most popular features of the site is its unique t-shirt filter. This feature lead to us being the butt of Matt Cutt’s 2014 April Fools day joke, where he wore what we have gone on to categorise as a ‘psychedelic’ t-shirt. Throughout the duration of the video, Cutts’ t-shirt slowly goes through the motions of the rainbow, something which he has since admitted in a forum post on Hacker News was merely a way of playing with us: “We made our April fools video with the changing shirt colour specifically to play with that”, he said.

Following on from these Cutts’ shenanigans, in a video he has recently posted, his body has been cropped out with the intention of highlighting the importance of high-quality content in the body of the page. Cutts’ latest video has got us questioning whether the body-less act is simply the next move in his quest to flout the t-shirt filter on The Short Cutts.

We may never know if this was the case but either way, we are enjoying the cat and mouse chase. You can find the body-less Cutts video within the psychedelic t-shirt category.

Your move, Cutts.

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