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This week in search marketing

As always the search marketing industry is constantly changing, that’s why the team here at Click Consult is committed to staying ahead of the trends and bringing you the latest news in our ‘this week in search marketing’ blog

Facebook’s search AI pairs images with content

It seems as though nearly every news outlet in the world is running pieces on Facebook at the moment, from the loss of a $500m (£395m) lawsuit relating to their virtual reality technology to their net profits doubling over the last quarter to $3.6bn.

One news story that may have slipped under your radar however is an update in the way images and content are paired on the social network. In terms of search, the latest set of changes could have a real impact for businesses and users alike.

The feature works by allowing those searching for an image to do so by typing the actual content within them, not too dissimilar to the way Google Photos works. Seen as an improvement to the accessibility of Facebook, the technology, Lumos, was originally implemented to assist the visually impaired by narrating images by their content.

The object recognition software allows it to scan images for a wide range of things such as places, scenes, clothes, food and attractions. It will also bring up photos is you search for a specific action such as ‘people working’ or ‘playing an instrument’.

Photos that have no tag at all can also be found and according to thenextweb: “Searching for a “black shirt photo” will pull up images where people are wearing a black shirt, even if there’s no text or tag in a photo indicating the presence of a black shirt.”

The latest update will roll out in the US initial and should be in other regions including the UK shortly.

Google launches advanced recipe search feature

Foodies around the world can rejoice as their favourite recipes are now even easier to follow, thanks to Google’s latest search update.

The search giant has added an advanced recipe search function to all mobile apps, and it is thought that this will be rolled out on the desktop soon.

The feature comes in the format of a carousel underneath the search bar. When the user looks for ‘pizza recipe’, for example, the search will return the highest ranking results. However just under the search bar the carousel will offer suggestions such as ‘crust pizza’, ‘gluten free’, ‘low carb’ and ‘thin crust’, all of which allows for a more bespoke search.


The search engine does already provide users with suggestions in the regular search results but now the carousel has been added, those searching for a recipe can narrow down their searches quickly and easily, revealing new or alternative results and options.

Searchmetrics release 2016 winners and losers in organic search

Search analysts Searchmetrics have again released an annual report looking at the winners and losers in the organic search market. The Winners and Losers Report, looks at how certain sites have performed in terms of their organic search visibility on Google during the last year.

Using their own ‘SEO Visibility’ indicator, the report offers a clear insight into a website’s performance. This performance is not the same as organic search ranking, but aims to give an overview of how often a website shows up in search results, based on “search volume and the position of ranking keywords”, according to the Searchmetrics FAQs.

Searchmetrics then analysed the change in websites’ SEO Visibility during the course of the year, and sorted the top 100 winners and losers by absolute change in visibility.

Image: Searchmetrics

Google was ranked first in the results and had a 80% gain in overall visibility during the year and other sites that performed well were those in the social media sector. Pinterest was the most improved of all the social media sites, coming in at number two whilst Instagram, Twitter and Facebook all ranked in the top 10 in terms of absolute gains.

According to Searchenginewatch: “Shopping was another significant category of website that did well over the year 2016, with nearly a fifth (19%) of sites that ‘won’ falling into this category.”

Searchmetrics attributed this trend to “relatively steady economies” and “strong economic recovery”.

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