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Our objectives for this client were to drive increasing revenue growth whilst managing ROAS, as well as making sure that with a consumer shift (largely due to government lockdowns) from the high street to eCommerce, that Chums could grow as a business and remain market leaders

About Chums

Chums is a mail order company with 30 years of experience, they provide quality clothing and furnishings at fantastic prices. With their customer base firmly at the heart of their business strategy, they are proud of the fact that some of their first customers are still buying 30 years later.

With wide ranges of men’s and women’s clothing on offer, and the recent addition of furnishings for the home and garden, Chums are a company that diversify according to the needs and desires of its customer base, often bringing in ranges at the request of their customers.

How we helped

In order to optimise the account, and demonstrate consistent revenue growth, the main focus in late 2019/ 2020 was in implementing smart bidding strategies across all their major campaigns. We deliberately undertook these changes using a staggered approach to allow each new implementation to be driven by data at all times.

In late 2019 we focused on implementing a portfolio target-ROAS bidding strategy for Chums Google non-brand campaigns. The YoY revenue uplift we began to see on non-brand was fairly instantaneous, delivering a 98% increase in Jan 2020 and increasing as the months progressed.

This strategy was quickly followed in Feb 2020 by a move to target-impression share for their Google brand campaign whilst we continued to monitor the data and performance on Google non brand. Due to the nature of Chums mail-order business Brand Paid Search ads play a critical role in their overall marketing mix by supporting this offline activity providing customers with continuous brand visibility.

Chums previous brand ad campaign strategy had yielded a fluctuating top of page rate of 86% – 90%, as well as similar percentages for their Absolute Top rates. These figures were strong, but we felt there was more that could be achieved, and once the target-impression share bidding strategy was implemented the account saw consistent 96% Top of page rate supported by a 95% Absolute Top rate of 95% at all times. With more consumers seeing Chums brand ads their brand ad revenues soared throughout 2020 increasing overall by 71% and culminating in their best month ever in Nov 2020 (a MoM increase of 46%).

Finally we implemented a Smart-Shopping target ROAS strategy in early 2020. Chums shopping has become a central pillar of Chums paid search strategy in recent years, and the implementation of Smart Shopping on their account meant performance quickly doubled, and has consistently yielded a 100% plus revenue growth each month of 2020 and into 2021.

Headline results

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