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The pandemic has been a difficult period for many marketers. With performance under the spotlight and budgets being reduced, many teams have had to justify both spend and strategy more than ever before.

Promoting your business through social media is great way to boost brand awareness and increase conversions, however it’s not just simply all about keeping active, but having a clear strategic direction that not only resonates well with your target audience but delivers actionable results.

In our latest 5 of the best series we look to address the issues driven by an ever-changing social landscape and provide you with the resources to kick-start your social media strategy and boost performance.

So what’s included?

  • A Guide to Audience Research & Targeting – This step-by-step guide looks at some of the best ways to understand your audience, find out which social channels are best for you and then explain how to target them once they have been identified.
  • How to be Wiser With Your Social Budget – Knowing what % of the marketing budget should be set aside for social media can be a stumbling block, with those running the social media strategy often short changed with what they can do. Learn the basics with our latest blog./li>
  • How to Grow Your Facebook Audience – Many marketers believe the ability to gain traction and grow audiences on Facebook is dwindling, due to changing algorithms, a prioritisation of ads and the changing attitude of users. Start growing your audience today./li>
  • Social Media Auditing Checklist – We all know that social media is one of the most influential ways to speak to your audience and generate traffic but which platform is right for you, how do you know who your audience is and how do you connect with them to ensure maximum returns?/li>
  • Social Media ROI Workbook – Social media is a powerful tool that can generate traffic, give you brand exposure and connect you directly to your customers and potential customers. However, tracking the results of your social marketing efforts and proving its value can prove tricky. Learn how to justify your social media efforts.

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