Just type away and hit enter

The days of providing a box of numbers and calling it a report are, well, numbered – we’re well and truly in the age of data visualisation, and this eBook will show you how to begin

Not only is Data Studio great for creating easy to comprehend reports, it is also a report automation tool – meaning that your monthly reporting time can be reduced and its power to communicate your successes can be exponentially increased.

Google’s new power tool for reporting is a great opportunity for brands and agencies alike – allowing technical successes and improved performance to be communicated more quickly, and more easily. Using this eBook, you’ll be able to begin your Data Studio journey and improve your monthly reporting – making a chore lasting days in to a quick end of the month task.

Your ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Data Studio’ eBook contains:

  • An introduction to Data Studio
  • An overview of chart types
  • Step by step instructions for creating your first report
  • Using segments
  • Using filters

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While this is the first of what will likely be several eBooks on Data Studio, the information should enable you to recreate most of your Google Analytics reporting. Not only this, once you replicate your reporting, you will be able to run the report with minimal effort from then on. Not only is this beneficial to the person compiling the report, but proper use of a data visualisation tool such as Data Studio should render your reports clearer and more readily understood.

In addition to this, it pays to keep up to date with trends – and since Data Studio left beta status in mid-2018, it is becoming more widely adopted by search and digital professionals across verticals, meaning that not only is it easier than manual reporting, but it is likely to become a requirement by employers and clients alike.

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