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“Video is the most dynamic way to reach your customers. More than any other type of content, video has the ability to inspire, excite and entertain, making it perfect for building a narrative about your brand and beginning conversations”

Click’s video marketing expert Jacob Booth is passionate about video as way for marketers to engage and persuade their audiences – and with good reason.

During 2016, there was an 80% increase in live videos viewed online, and in 2018, 78% of people watch videos online every week, and 55% every day. With video playing such a big part in daily life written content alone just won’t cut it – it is time to use video to share content.

Other stats include:

Why use video marketing?

Brand awareness. One of the biggest strengths of video marketing is that it’s highly visual and auditory, making it easier for users to remember than text-based content.

Differentiation. Video allows a wide scope of creativity, allowing you to stand out from the crowd in a world where people receive an average of 10,000 messages per day.

Shareability. Visual content expresses and spreads ideas quickly, which means that this kind of content is popular and highly shareable on social media.

Precise targeting. Each video channel offers ways to direct your video at your specific audience, while video advertising platform allows even more granular targeting options.

Diversity and flexibility. From how-tos, to behind-the-scenes, video gives you a wide selection of options to suit your audience’s tastes and support your objectives.

What’s inside the eBook?

  • Video marketing basics
  • The benefits of video marketing
  • Video marketing strategy
  • Video on a budget
  • Video marketing and social media
  • Video marketing and SEO
  • Live streaming
  • Video advertising
  • The future of video marketing
  • Case studies

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