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Google may be the king of search engines but, when it comes to product search, Amazon wins hands down, with 55% of customers beginning their first product search on Amazon. As for advertising ROI – Amazon PPC see a 10% conversion rate compared with 1-2% for Google Ads

The rise of Amazon Advertising

Over the past few years, Amazon has begun to realise its huge potential as an advertising platform and developed a range of flexible, self-serve solutions for sellers to promote their products. It’s power is in taking the tried and tested pay-per-click (PPC) model already well-established by Google Ads and combining it with its own USPs, namely:

High purchase intent

Shoppers tend to come to Amazon with specific products in mind.

Rich customer data

Amazon has access to detailed customer purchase data that sellers can use to leverage their campaigns.

Ease of purchase

A familiar platform for users, with the ability to drop products from a range of different sellers in their basket without leaving the website.

Amazon’s ad offering

Amazon offers the (soon-to-be phased out) Product Display Ads; Sponsored Brands (formerly Headline Search Ads) that generate recognition for your brand portfolio rather than specific products; as well as solutions for via the Amazon DSP for advertisers who want to spend at scale via display, video and custom ads.

By far the biggest growing opportunity for advertisers is with Product Display Ads, which account for the majority of ad spend on the platform.

If you sell on Amazon, Product Display Ads offer a powerful and versatile way for you to promote your listings, for example, to push your best-selling, seasonal or end-of-line stock up higher in search results, make them visible to a new audience. Visibility, whether paid or organic, is key to success as 70% of Amazon shoppers only purchase from the first page of search results.

What’s in the Amazon advertising eBook?

Google Ads v Amazon Ads
How Amazon ranks ads
Setting up a sponsored products campaign on Amazon

  • Eligibility requirements 
  • Manual and automatic targeting
  • Creating your campaign 
  • Naming ad groups and selecting products
  • Setting your default bid 
  • Identifying and adding keywords 
  • Bids and modifiers
  • Product targeting 
  • Enhanced auto targeting
  • Auditing product pages

Monitoring performance
Ongoing testing

There’s no doubt that Amazon can deliver customers at unmatched scale, making it a competitive place for sellers. While offering good quality products and following eCommerce best practice are obviously critical to Amazon success, there’s an increasingly compelling case a for a hybrid optimisation approach of organic and paid campaigns as the best strategy for brands looking to maximise their visibility.

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