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We should all know the benefits of using social media to expand your audience and to promote services and products by now

We should also understand the countless nuances of the various platforms, the audiences they allow us to communicate with, and market to. Over the years, we have covered many of these in our other social media resources and box sets.

One area we haven’t touched on, however, is Instagram. We haven’t done this on purpose, it’s just that we wanted to give the most comprehensive look at the platform and show brands and businesses the best ways to use it in order to get the most from their marketing efforts.

In short, Instagram is so big we just can’t ignore it anymore. Let’s begin.

What’s in your ‘Marketer’s Guide to Instagram’ eBook?

  • About Instagram
  • Building a winning strategy
  • Types of post
  • Filters and image sizes
  • The rise of the Stories
  • IGTV
  • High performing posts
  • Power of the hashtag
  • Paid social for Instagram
  • HubSpot – a case study

Instagram Research

In order to prove the value of Instagram for businesses, inbound marketing and software company HubSpot commissioned some research to highlight trends and the impact of certain posts. This section will some of the key findings and identify trends.

The study looked at over 300,000 of the top accounts on Instagram and nearly 50m posts to find out more about engagement rates, hashtags, and other insights that matter to both brands and marketers. The reason this study is relevant is that many of these accounts are businesses, brands or influencers who are promoting products. As you will see the results seem high but this is where many on Instagram aspire to be.

Some of the key takeaways were:

  • Video posts receive more than 2x more comments than other types of posts
  • Tagging more than 5 users in a post does not increase engagement rates
  • The average Instagram post contains 1.01 hashtags
  • 6% of Instagram users have less than 1000 followers

There are two reasons engagement is one of the most important and telling metrics for Instagram. It allows you to know if you’re reaching the right audience with your brand, and if your content is relevant to them.

Hubspot found that, by looking at the sample, it was clear that the average Instagram post receives 5,963.1 likes (including the results of influencers). The median number of likes is around 100, which suggests 50% of users receive less than 100 likes for the average post with video doing better.

Taking into account posts of highly influential users – the average Instagram post receives 100.34 comments. The average number of comments per post for a video is 150. Again this is high but the median number of comments is around 4 comments per post. This allows you to build up a rapport with your audience and it is vital that you maintain a professional tone when responding to comments.

These stats highlight the reach and the potential that businesses can have if they use Instagram properly. Whether or not you already have an Instagram for your business this guide and the findings within it should encourage you to set an account up or optimise the way you use it.

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