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In 2015, Amazon launched its own artificial holiday – Amazon Prime Day – offering exclusive discounts and deals to Prime members. Last year, the retail platform received over 89 million visits (up 10.3% on 2017) on Prime Day, with global sales amounting to an estimated £3.29 billion. Amazon is this year giving its 100 million Prime members a “two-day parade” to snap up deals.

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How can Amazon sellers make the most of Prime Day?

Amazon uses Prime Day to promotes its products and services and sign-up new members, and the sheer increase in the number of potential customers on the platform with money to spend during this period makes it the perfect opportunity to get more eyes – and clicks – on your own inventory.

Consumers now anticipate Prime Day and plan ahead what to buy – so as an Amazon seller, you need to preparing the deals you want to offer and promote now, to ensure customers are ready and willing to shop with you.

Prime Day tips for retailers

  • Divert attention away from Amazon’s own Prime Day deals by offering more than discounts alone. Advertisers can take advantage by offering incentives such as free gifts or discounts with a purchase; reward and loyalty points; or free shipping.
  • Promote your deals through organic (SEO)email marketing, and social media marketing.
  • Think long-term: strategic planning can extend brand awareness and customer loyalty beyond Prime Day. For example, continuing deals beyond the two days will drive revenue.

This boxset gives you access to two eBooks and two blog posts that show you how to:

Set up a Sponsored Products campaign

Amazon’s flagship self-serve PPC offering for sellers – how to get the most from your budget, plus other tips for maximising conversions and profits. Amazon’s share of shopping searches now stands at 54%, and its tried and tested pay-per-click (PPC) model is already well-established by Google Ads. Here’s how to make the most of your budget.

Optimise the organic experience you offer to your Amazon customers

90% of all product views on the Amazon platform come from organic searches,and 45% of all of those views go to products on the first three rows of the search result. By implementing the right Amazon SEO practices, however, and ensuring that you take the platform seriously, you can help your brand compete against larger competitors.

Get started with Amazon voice search

The number of customers using voice search is increasing all the time. Here, Vodafone’s Nick Wilsdon explains how adding Alexa Skills – voice-driven Alexa capabilities for Amazon – to your marketing strategy can help you to get ahead of the competition.

Carry out keyword research

Amazon has its own keyword research tool for advertisers, and you be familiar with using Google’s Keyword Planner, but Google Trends is a really useful free tool to help you build your Amazon keyword list, showing you interest in search terms by industry, season and region. Important when you consider that Amazon sellers who update their keywords at least three times during the first 60 days of advertising have up to 100% more ad-attributed sales.

Why do online sellers need to be on Amazon anyway?

Nobody does eCommerce on such a massive scale as Amazon, which gives the platform a number of unique competitive advantages for sellers:

  • High purchase intent. Google may be the king of search engines but, when it comes to product search, Amazon wins hands down, with 55% of customers coming to Amazon with specific products in mind.
  • Rich customer data. The eCommerce giant has access to detailed customer purchase data that you can use as insights to leverage your campaigns.
  • Ease of purchase. A familiar and trusted platform for users, with the ability to drop products from a range of different sellers in their basket without leaving the website.

With so many sellers jostling for customers’ attention, success with Amazon advertising relies on your visibility: bear in mind that 70% of Amazon shoppers only purchase from the first page of search results.

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