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RESOURCES. Building Your Business with SEO Tools

When it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO) one of the key things to remember is that there isn’t a set way of ‘doing it’. Every business will have a different set of objectives and a different starting point within the search engine results pages (SERPs).  These two things mean that in order to fulfil their goals, these companies will need to adopt a bespoke approach to how they grow online.

As an agency who specialises in boosting the search performance of our clients we know only too well  that you have to take a detailed, yet unique approach in order to see the desired benefits.  In order to truly adopt a multifaceted strategy and to gain the increase in rankings there are numerous tools that are available. Having a full suite of these tools is vital and over the pages of this eBook we will look at some of them, their nuances and how you can utilise their features to boost your performance and get ahead of the competition.

What to expect

Our ‘Building Your Business with SEO Tools’ eBook contains sections on:

  • Assessing your website
  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research
  • Planning your content
  • Site audits
  • And more…

Whilst this eBook and a selection of the others that we have written contain valuable information on the theory of SEO, we have to once again say that it is not an exact science. In terms of your business a bespoke strategy is highly recommended and every website will have a unique set of targets to achieve. The tools mentioned in this eBook are just a small sample and whilst there are handy features in all of them, the overwhelming benefit is that they are used to track performance and highlight potential. The key to SEO is to test, test and test again. Make sure that your content is relevant and that you are targeting the correct keywords.

You need to understand your position in the market, your audience and the performance of your competitors and have a clear plan of action moving forward. SEO is technical and in reality is a real art form, those that put the investment of time, money and education in are usually those that reach the top, especially in competitive markets.

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