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User Engagement Cheat Sheet – Unlocking your Website’s True Potential

User Engagement Cheat Sheet

Unlocking your Website's True Potential

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In a world full of acronyms and abbreviations you can be excused the confusion of working your way around the digital landscape. We often talk of SEO, PPC, CRO and CMSs, but what does it all mean really?

Well these terms relate to some of the tools, platforms and approaches that we use to get a user to a website. Once they are with you it isn’t really enough at this stage to say that they are ‘engaged’  – this comes later.

More and more businesses are trying to make sure that they are not only getting ‘eyes on’ their content but that there is a secondary action and maybe a conversion of some sort.

In order for this to be part of your strategy you must understand what exactly user engagement is and how to harness it for the good of your website. In our series of cheat sheets we look at giving you a succinct overview of how to implement these strategies and the importance of preparing your website to flourish online.

Your ‘User Engagement Cheat Sheet’ includes sections on:

  • What is user engagement?
  • Why is it so important?
  • Calculating user engagement
  • Changes you can make today
  • Long term changes to implement
  • Much more

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User engagement is an assessment of an individual’s response to some type of offering, such as a product, a service or a website.

An individual’s degree of engagement may be determined directly through interaction or may be assessed through observation of the user’s behaviours. A website user, for example, might click links, comment, download documents and watch videos, among other possibilities and this ‘digital footprint’ can offer businesses a chance to learn what is working and what isn’t.

In a marketing context, user engagement is often referred to as customer engagement (CE) and looks at the point where a user first becomes aware of your business and how they move along the buyer’s cycle to the point where they convert and in all possibility where they reconvert as a regular customer.

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