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Content Marketing.
Content Marketing Boxset Series 2

Content Marketing Boxset: Series 2

New content marketing resources from Click Consult

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Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach involving the creation and sharing of materials – both online and offline – including blogs, videos, reports, whitepapers and social media posts among others with the intention of earning links, business and exposure and building consumer relationships

Why is content marketing important?

Content marketing is a vital form of communication between your business and potential audience. With competition at an all-time high and the way individuals take in their information so varied, content marketing allows you to connect with as large an audience as possible and over an ever expanding number of formats.

There is a well-known saying that ‘content is king’ and whilst that is true, in that you need to produce and promote your content, a better phrase would be ‘good content is king’.

If as a business you are able to create, publish, distribute and promote materials for your target audience which will in turn lead to new business then this is a strategy you have to explore. The content and assets which you can create cost relatively little to nothing and the return on the effort of creating them can be very lucrative. If you can then make the content engaging and sharable then you are on a path to even greater exposure at a relatively low cost.

So now you know the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ you are ready to find out the ‘who’ to target, ‘where’ to reach them and the ‘when’ to post with these handy resources…

What do I get?

New eBooks, new infographics, new blogs!

  • Earned Media Marketing Cheat Sheet
  • SEO Uncovered eBook – Creativity
  • 5 Ways to Target Content Better eBook
  • Beginners Guide to SEO and Digital PR
  • Link Building Through Outreach eBook
  • Our Content Marketing Process Infographic
  • The Dejargonification of Marketing Infographic
  • The power of storytelling – Bas van den Beld’s Benchmark Conference blog
  • How to use SERPs features to aid your content plan
  • 101 – Filling the content void (and outranking the competition)

Why download the boxset?

The Content Marketing Boxset will help you to:

  • Research your target audience and how they prefer to consume content
  • Why you need to create content that solves the needs of your customers
  • How to use content to strengthen relationships with existing and potential customers, and raise brand awareness
  • Understand the role content marketing plays in the customer journey and conversion funnel
  • How to put together a proper content strategy, rather than taking a scattergun approach
  • Evaluate the right mediums and channels to communicate your content
  • Find out what works and what doesn’t so you can keep improving

And – just as importantly – the common mistakes to avoid!

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