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What is conversion rate optimisation (CRO)?

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is a search marketing practice which engineers the consumer journey, emphasising positive user experience (UX) and learning from user interaction, to maximise the percentage of visitors to a website that complete a chosen action.

Representing a confluence between the desperate need for UX improvement and eCommerce performance of the early 2000s and the rise of analytical tools available to search marketers, conversion rate optimisation came to the fore in 2004 with various tools allowing for the A/B testing of page layouts, content, images and colouration.

The process, which took and developed on ideas and principles established in the practice of direct marketing – a subset of marketing which also used continual trial and improvement methods – such as A/B testing, audience testing and A/B split testing to optimise marketing campaigns.

CRO is about identifying changes to your website that have an impact on the number of visitors that convert – whether your goals are to increase leads, sales, subscribers or anything else. The basic premise is to work out what your visitors want to see and when they want to see it, then ensuring that your website delivers this experience.

SEO and PPC are effective ways of raising the visibility of your website and increasing the number of visitors. CRO helps you to increase the proportion of those visitors that convert into leads, sales, subscribers, or whatever the goals of your website may be.

Our glossary covers some terms you may encounter as you explore the world of CRO, and complements our Simple Guide to CRO and CRO Cheat Sheet. It comprises:

  • An easy to navigate structure
  • Comprehensive lists of relevant terms
  • Easy to understand definitions

When it comes to CRO, the main message is that testing is a must. Many businesses are guilty of making simple mistakes that can have an effect on their conversions but if you can make small amendments, the results will surely come. By setting up a proper analytical approach to your testing and by monitoring the conversions that you have received, who is converting and where they are converting from, you will be in the optimum position for success.

It is vital to the growth of any brand to ensure that they are maximising the revenue from all sources, yet many brands see their website (once published) to be a finished article and therefore neglect a fantastic opportunity. By ensuring that CRO is an ongoing process across the brand’s online presence, it is possible to both increase revenue, lower costs and improve the customer experience.

Whether you’re a newbie or CRO expert, this glossary’s a useful guide to the world of conversion optimisation.

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