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From initial planning to refinement, covering potential tools and methodologies for creating, expanding and refining your keyword lists, this eBook should provide all you need to ensure you’re targeting all the right words at all the right times.

Keyword strategy development for paid search shares a lot in common with that of organic search: the process of creating buyer personas, looking for gaps in the market, ranking for priority and searching for the golden ratio of high traffic, low competition. Where strategy for paid search differs is in the increased need to read and cater for intent.

There are levels of awareness which need to be catered to in order to ensure you make the most of every PPC campaign.

So where do you start? That’s where this eBook comes in.

Whether you’re looking to redesign how you approach your paid search keyword strategy, or simply looking for ways to tweak and improve it, there should be something anyone can take away from this eBook to build on their paid search experience.

‘Developing A Keyword Strategy’ begins where any keyword strategy should – at the formulation of a large master list – detailing different ways to amass a good volume of possibilities; it then moves on, with the suggestion of possible tools to use, to concatenation and refinement of this list.

With examples and an illustration depicting the movement from awareness to purchase as it relates to keywords and terms, this eBook should serve as a great resource to improve keyword research skills, or as a study resource for new recruits. We’re always trying to disseminate our thirteen years of experience in easy to understand ways, download today and let us know how you get on!

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