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Brand (or branded) search is, as the name suggests, when people search for your brand name, or variants of it. Obviously, you’ll want to rank number one for your brand search. But it isn’t always easy to be the top listing, even for your own brand

To be effective and sustainable, an organic search (SEO) strategy cannot rely on brand searches alone. Strong natural search performance drives visits to every page of your site, not just the home page and not just for searches for the brand – which means you must treat every page as a potential entry point and optimise it accordingly.

That said, dominating the first page of Google’s search results (SERPs) for brand queries is desirable for a number of reasons:

People rarely look past the first page of SERPs

An old SEO joke is that “the best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google results”. That’s why it’s so important that you page 1 tells the best story for your brand.

For reputation management

88% of consumers saying they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, which means monitoring brand sentiment to combat negative publicity and actively promoting the positive are critical to controlling your reputation.

To improve the quality of your traffic

If your brand isn’t accurately represented on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs), you’re unlikely to attract the visitors that you want to target, or satisfy the needs of those who do click onto your site. The result? A high bounce rate, signalling to Google that your site isn’t relevant to searchers, which in turn could impact your future rankings.

For improving conversions

Your brand is online because you want people to buy your products, sign up as a lead, give you a call, follow your cause – whatever your objective. And if people are actively searching for your brand name, this shows a high intent to do business with you!

What will this eBook show me?

We’ll show some keys things you need to master to achieve success on page 1, including how to:

  • Make your website easy for Google to find
  • Set up Google My Business
  • Claim and optimise your Knowledge Graph
  • Make your presence known on social media
  • Aim for Google’s ‘answer box’
  • Bid on brand terms with paid search (PPC)

Dominating page 1 – and for the right reasons – is crucial for your improving conversions. This eBook can form the backbone of your strategy for dominating first-page real estate for brand search.

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