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Mobile marketing is not just the future of search marketing, it’s also the present. If you’re not optimising your online strategy for mobile devices, then you need to start – and soon

Unification of user experience across platforms is an inferable target from many of Google’s recent actions – whether it is the stripping of right hand PPC ads, the increased weighting of local, the mobile-friendly update or, lately, the announcement that Google will be shifting to a ‘Mobile-First Index’ – and that unification seems to involve bringing the desktop experience in to alignment with that of mobile devices rather than vice versa.

As such, the search marketing industry is likely to consider mobile marketing less as an ancillary concern and increasingly a main concern. With that in mind, Click Consult is pleased to bring you this eBook which should ensure that your brand is ready for the the future of search marketing. Being ahead is always the best way to avoid falling behind, so Five Pillars of Mobile Marketing has been written, drawing on Click Consult’s fifteen years of search marketing experience, to give you what you need to succeed.

Five Pillars of Mobile Marketing features sections on:

  1. Mobile friendliness – a discussion of the mobile-friendly algorithm and how to be mobile friendly, AMP and more.
  2. Targeting – personalisation and the various metrics that should be personalisation priorities.
  3. User experience (UX) – how to make your consumer’s journey easier and tips on improving mobile UX.
  4. Social – sharing, advertising, buy it now and brand interaction.
  5. Adaptability – one of the most important words in search marketing and why.

Five Pillars of Mobile Marketing covers the main hurdles, details problems and offers actionable insights into how you can successfully optimise your brand for mobile devices and, therefore, for search marketing in general.

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