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Auditing your organic performance has always been important, but as Google updates are coming thick and fast, it’s more important than ever

Whether it’s weekly, monthly or annually, brands need to know where their site is performing well and what needs to be improved. It’s unlikely that there’ll be concrete guidance on Google updates anymore, and how to adapt to them is left to us – so benchmarking where we are at any given point is an absolute must.

Not only can regularly auditing our organic performance help us to improve, it can also demystify changes in our organic rankings, traffic and performance. For this reason, we’re going to run through the three main Google tools we can use to help us understand how our site is performing and what is contributing to this.

Your “How to Audit Your Organic Performance” eBook includes chapters on how to audit your performance using:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Lighthouse Reports

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While this eBook can’t tell you what will happen to your performance after any specific algorithm update, it can ensure that you know exactly how your site is performing at a given moment and, therefore, offer the best chance of being prepared for changes.

It is not only possible to audit your site using free tools, it should be seen as the absolute minimum you should be doing for your brand on a regular basis, so let us help by giving you the information you need to take advantage of three powerful free tools for auditing your site’s organic performance.

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