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An eBook that gives you a detailed breakdown of how to carry out a full audit to boost your paid search (PPC) campaigns and take your account to the next level by improving the Quality Score of your campaigns

Click Consult has one of the longest-established and most experienced paid search teams in the UK – we know PPC inside out, and the questions to ask when working through an account to  identify features and techniques that we know are proven to work and weed out anything that’s holding performance back.

Whether you’re a PPC newbie or an experienced practitioner, working through the questions in this eBook will help you to spot:

  • Opportunities to increase your ROI and profitability
  • Where budget is being wasted – and where it would be better spent
  • How to improve the quality of your traffic and number of conversions
  • Where you can restructure your account to make it easier to manage

Quality Score and the Google Ads auction system

Your maximum bid in Google Ads’ auction system doesn’t necessarily determine either your ad’s position, or the amount you will pay for a click. In fact, the total paid for a position is determined by both the bid and what is known as the Quality Score of a campaign.

These factors determine your Quality Score:

  • Expected click through rate
  • Ad relevance
  • Landing page experience
  • Historic performance

This is driven not only by Google’s desire to maximise user experience (UX), but also by simple economics. The better the UX of an ad, the more likely the user is to click through and convert, the more often they do this, the happier the advertisers and the higher the ad spend – and increased revenue for Google.

What does the Health Check eBook cover?

Every area of your account is covered, including:

  • Account structure
  • Display campaigns
  • Google Shopping
  • Targeting
  • Ad copy
  • Ad customisers and extensions
  • Keywords
  • Landing pages
  • Conversion tracking
  • Attribution
  • Budget
  • … and more

The good news is that making tweaks you’ve identified will have an almost immediate impact. If you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll soon see results.

The improvements you make to your Google Ad account as a result of a thorough audit will boost your Quality Score, UX and ultimate ROI.

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