Just type away and hit enter

One of the most overused phrases in the digital industry is that ‘content is king’. The sentiment behind it is correct and whilst it used to be a common practise (although not always advocated) to fill websites with as much content as possible

The big difference in the last few years however has been the fact that Google has chosen to go down the relevancy route.

Google wants to ensure that the results that they deliver to the user are the most relevant possible – in essence the content needs to be ‘quality’. 

‘Quality’, by its nature, is generally qualitative – there’s something ephemeral and subjective about the definition. However, in a field which – rightly or wrongly – prides itself in being predominately data-driven, such a non-specific term is virtually useless to us.

The ‘Killer Content for SEO eBook’ includes sections on:

  • Can the content be reached?
  • Is the content quick for users to access?
  • Is the content well written?
  • Types of content
  • How to create the best user experience (UX) with your content
  • And more…

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This eBook deals with the primary tasks you need to tackle in order to produce a content plan for your brand’s SEO and your user’s needs.

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