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RESOURCES. LinkedIn Groups – A Marketer’s Checklist

With more than 500 million members, LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to pick up tips from industry experts, establish your own expertise and widen your professional network

Why is now a good time to elevate your LinkedIn Groups activity?

LinkedIn has developed a more data-driven focus in terms of the content it surfaces for members and suggestions it makes for people, companies and hashtags to follow, Groups to join etc. With LinkedIn Groups becoming notorious for spamming and self-promotion, LinkedIn also put more emphasis on members to put more thought into the content they post. This has had a particular impact on the way Groups operate; once it was possible to share to multiple Groups from a blog post or webpage with little or no context, but this scattergun approach has been removed, encouraging members to make a deliberate effort to visit the Group’s page and engage in more meaningful conversations with other members. This all equates to greater relevance and usefulness.

How will this checklist help me?

Groups are basically forums of discussion for people with the same professional interests, and usually in the same industry, who connect to share information, ask questions, and widen their network of contacts. There are two main options to get involved:

Join existing Groups relevant to your industry

Participating in Groups it can help you to strengthen your relationships with key people in your industry and confirm yourself and your brand as a credible source, and a go-to person who’s  active in discussions and offers useful insights. It also allows you to spot current trends by seeing which topics are generating the most discussion.

Manage your own Group

This allows you to start, grow and own your own network that you can leverage for your business by creating a natural connection between helpful content and your brand. Part of your job as a group admin is to encourage people to engage. To do this, respond to questions, chime in on posts, and share questions or discussion prompts.

This checklist provides you with the essential information you need to successfully interact through the Groups feature.

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