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Make well, audit well, rank well – how to produce and audit your content to maximise SEO performance

Make well, audit well, rank well

how to produce and audit your content to maximise seo performance

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There is one commonality which links all of the search marketing services – whether it’s paid search (PPC), content marketing, organic search (SEO) or any other – and that’s content. However, it’s not a case of putting words on a page – while content is nice to have; it absolutely has to serve some kind of purpose

Thankfully, purpose is a diffuse term – you don’t need every sentence to be pushing a sale. Whether you’re looking to simply engage your audience with humour, assist them with ‘how to’ content or eBooks, which educate them about a product or service, your content needs to perform some kind of role for audience.

While it may seem cynical, it is possible to view all forms of content as falling somewhere on the buyer’s journey – but it’s true that even the most tangential content can serve the needs of the brand specifically by serving the needs of consumers.

This can come in the form of providing a home for the formation of a community (see SEO tool developers Moz and SEMRush for example), or by providing informational content in the form of how to blogs and walkthroughs as many construction tool companies do.

While this kind of content does not immediately lead to sales, it does build trust, establish authority and encourage a connection between the consumer and the brand in a way that even good customer service can’t do.

Your ‘Make well, audit well, rank well’ eBook includes sections on:

  • Why is it there?
  • Best practices for written content
  • Best practices for visual content
  • Best practices for video/audio content
  • Keyword planning and prevalence
  • Developing a keyword strategy
  • Why we should write (in part) for robots
  • Keyword density & insertion
  • Keyword prominence
  • Latent semantic indexing
  • Internal and external linking
  • Mark up and technical best practice
  • Much more

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Great content, provided the voice is consistent and the audience is always central to its creation, can be a tremendous tool not just to make sales, but to build a community of brand ambassadors from your consumer base.

Hopefully, using the information in this eBook, you’ll be able to better understand the methods behind creating and auditing your content and push your site on and past your competition.

So, don’t wait – re-examine your content and your strategy with this comprehensive eBook from Click Consult.

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