Just type away and hit enter

As we pointed out in a recent eBook on commanding page one for branded searches and an FMCG whitepaper, there are plenty of things presently underutilised when it comes to quick wins for branded search – but the Knowledge Graph is one of the more surprising.

While it can take a concerted effort to win positions one through ten for a brand search – especially if you have an unfortunately generic brand name, or one that would require disambiguation on Wikipedia – the Knowledge Graph features elements which can be claimed for free, without the technical and creative expertise required for some SEO techniques, but also draws from aspects of SEO which should already be in place for your site to succeed on the modern web.

While certain aspects of the Knowledge Graph will only tend to appear for precise branded search terms, there are also features which appear in a variety of other search result types – and as element extraction, entities, semiotics and ontologies begin to play a more important part in the way the web is parsed, the Knowledge Graph can only grow in importance.

Your ‘Optimising your brand for Google’s Knowledge Graph’ eBook discusses:

  • What is Google’s Knowledge Graph?
  • Where does the Knowledge Graph get its information?
  • What you can influence directly
  • How to make suggestions
  • What to do to influence the rest
  • What is structured data?

The Knowledge Graph, while it has been around for quite some time now, is a feature that is underutilised in most industries. As such, it can give you a leg up over your competition – but it’s more than that, as the techniques involved in making your site and brand better suited for appearance in these various SERP features, are exactly those that will help to prepare you for a host of other changes that are working their way down the pike.

So, don’t wait! Download your eBook and begin the process of preparing your brand for both the Google Knowledge Graph – and the future of search and digital marketing.

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