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Whether we like it or not (and there’s ample reason for both positions), many of our brands are dependent on the organic traffic we receive through Google, and there are few things as scary for us as noticing a sudden or trending decline in that traffic and the loss of revenue it can presage.

One of the issues with an entire business ecosystem becoming almost entirely reliant on one source of traffic to their brand is that it can seem like we have very little control over that traffic and are simply subject to the ups and downs that come.

While implementing SEO best practice is obviously the main way to avoid major traffic loss, there are events that can impact our traffic over which we have little control – as well as things which have impact about which we are not aware.

This eBook will attempt to cover a fair few of the bases – giving you a list of things to look out for both to prevent traffic drops and also to help resolve any issues that may cause one.

Your “Why Your Organic Sessions Might Be Down (And What You Can Do About It)” eBook includes chapters on:

  • What are organic sessions?
  • Reasons and resolutions
  • The basics
  • Google Search Console
  • Algorithm trackers
  • Lighthouse Report and PageSpeed Insights

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While there are a plethora of reasons for a potential drop in organic sessions, you do have the power to diagnose many of them using free tools available online. While recovery from some issues is easier than for others, recovery is seldom impossible.

The main advice is to maintain a critical eye on your performance so that you’re not suddenly surprised by a dramatic drop at the end of the month. The sooner a drop in sessions is spotted, the quicker you can leap in to action and begin the process of correcting the issues that have led to it.

While prevention is definitely better than cure, sometimes we need a cure!

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