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Paid media is often overlooked as a lead generation tool for B2B lead generation, but there’s no reason that well executed paid media campaigns can’t deliver high quality leads

Paid media is often overlooked as a lead generation opportunity by brands operating in a B2B vertical, not only is paid media a varied and often complex strategy, often B2B brands will focus their paid efforts on top of the funnel awareness campaigns which can lead to an illusion of poor returns, but with the right foundations, lead generation is possible across a range of platforms that delivers value for money and excellent opportunities for growing the brand.

In this eBook, we’ll provide some fundamentals of paid media and some theory on lead generation techniques in general, with the aim of improving the general knowledge of a reader and provide some actionable tips on lead generation so that readers will be well prepared to begin, or improve existing paid media campaigns for B2B lead generation.

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The ‘Paid Media for B2B Lead Generation’ eBook includes the following sections:

  • Paid search
  • Paid social
  • Branded content
  • Creating personas
  • Tailoring the journey
  • And more!

Paid media is potentially as important for B2B brands and lead generation as it is for any eCommerce or B2C brand – there are plenty of possible opportunities to reach your target audience with the right content to educate them on the problem your brand solves, how you solve it and why they should let you.

Whether you’re using captivating landing pages and search or remarketing campaigns, or advertising your user focused content and resources, you’re helping consumers to reach the decision that is best for you and, hopefully, for them. Provided your paid media is executed well, this can provide a profitable and rapid return on investment that will help your brand grow while your longer term strategies reach fruition.

Check out the eBook to see why we believe B2B brands should be paying more attention to paid media as a lead generation technique – and how you can begin reaping the rewards.

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