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Managing paid search campaigns can be an enormously complex task and optimising them to the highest level requires a wide range of skills, ranging from copywriting to data analysis.

When looking at a report from the person or persons (whether in-house or outsourced) running your PPC account, it can be difficult to follow some of the more complicated language and concepts involved. That’s why Click Consult has compiled a list of questions for you to ask in order to ensure that the optimisation strategy for each area of your account has been carefully considered.

These are not questions to catch out your PPC partners, but should be easily answerable by any department or agency that are working well on your behalf. If you need any more assistance, or help understanding the processes involved, why not also check out our PPC glossary and simple guide to PPC.

Paid search (PPC) can be a win-win for you and even your potential customers; while you ensure your brand drives highly targeted traffic to its website, your consumers are served with ads that are relevant to their needs and requirements. The ability of paid search to give your brand greater control over your presence on SERPs than a reliance on organic search results alone can not be overstated either. Paid search campaigns are quick to implement, easy to track or amend and have the potential to yield immediate results.

With this in mind, this checklist provides a list of items that simply have to be checked off to ensure that your efforts with paid search (PPC) are able to achieve the results that your brand wants and deserves.

Download your handy print out and keep checklist below, share with new starters, quiz your agency or simply check off your paid search process as you go.

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