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YMYL sites have been among the worst hit by updates over the last couple of years, but with Google’s advice to ‘create quality content’ relatively unhelpful, we decided to provide a little depth

Whether it’s good news, bad or indifferent, it needs to be stated that if you have approached your digital presence ethically and with a good SEO partner or team – there are now few ‘quick wins’ available. This is especially true of YMYL sites – if you have a solid technical SEO foundation, have been actively seeking to build quality links and provide a good UX, you can still have lost out to recent updates.

This is because the way Google’s algorithms ‘understand’ the content it ranks is changing. As search has become one of the biggest businesses in the world, there have come challenges that it would have been almost impossible to predict at the outset. Few people in the early 90s would have predicted the enormous power and influence that search engines would have – and the resultant pushback from politicians, consumers and more to ensure certain standards are met and biases avoided.

The effort to ensure that Google is the best search engine (to provide the most useful results) has been propelled by external pressures to ensure fair and truthful results – and all of this has led to more and more complex algorithms and neural networks being put to use to organise, rate and rank the content it crawls.

Your “Creating Quality Content for YMYL Queries” eBook includes chapters on:

  • Completing the jigsaw
  • Markup and me
  • Quality content
  • Defining quality
  • Links and YMYL

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As a result of these increasingly complex algorithms, there is more work that needs to be done in order to ensure that your content achieves the rankings that you deserve. While it has been pointed out that ‘big brand’ has been favoured by recent updates, the reason is not necessarily the brand itself, but that bigger brands naturally tick more of the boxes required by the latest spate of updates.

There are still things that we can do to compete, however, it will just take hard work and the time to execute some necessary changes in order to ensure our sites are communicating the right things to search engines – especially in YMYL verticals. For that reason, and to overcome the hand waving ‘make great content’ that has been the most common advice, we’ve put together an eBook that explains a little about what that ‘quality’ might mean and how you might achieve it.

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