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Retargeting (also known as remarketing) allows you to re-engage people who have previously visited your website or used your app by showing them personalised, dynamic ads as they browse websites that are part of the Google Display Network, or as they search for terms related to your products or services on Google. Effectively, they give you another bite of the cherry

A feature of Google Ads, it’s an effective way of using PPC to maintain brand awareness among high intent consumers through tailored ads based on their search terms and behaviour to:

  • Increase conversions
  • Get a greater return on your budget

Here’s how retargeting works

  1. Site visit: A consumer visits your website.
  2. Cookie tagging: They are ‘tagged’ with a cookie.
  3. Audience lists: The cookies track progress through your site, seeing where consumers go, what they look at, whether or not they make a purchase. These actions can be organised into lists by behaviour types.
  4. Analysis: These lists are analysed for historic performance, to establish expectations.
  5. Targeting: Once the analysis is completed, you can then begin to choose how best to target consumers – maximum bids, frequency capping etc.
  6. Ad creation: Now armed with substantial knowledge about what your visitors are interested in and what point in the buying cycle they’re at, you can begin to craft your ad.
  7. Re-analysis: Examine ad performance to establish their effectiveness and inform future retargeting strategy.
  8. Optimisation: Ads and campaigns can be tweaked to improve future results.
  9. Repeat: Research, analysis and optimisation must be ongoing to maintain success.
  10. Enjoy: Higher conversion rates and increase profits.

What will this cheat sheet tell me?

  • The benefits of retargeting ads
  • Retargeting and the buyer’s journey
  • Putting together remarketing lists
  • Targeting options using Google Ads
  • Many more tips…

It’s fair to say that almost all internet users experience remarketing every time they are online, many just aren’t aware of it. Advancements in technology and the algorithms that run in the background are becoming more advanced all the time, and the data they capture and release results in a tailored, relevant experience for the customer and a more cost-effective, profitable campaign for you.

This cheat sheet contains gems of information and actionable tips to make the most of retargeting ads as a win-win strategy.

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