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Search Marketing in 2017 Infographic

Everyone here at Click Consult spends a lot of time trying to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to trends in the search marketing industry. We get a lot of practice in second guessing and being ready for all changes. It’s only natural for us, therefore, to speculate about a new year – and here are some of the best of those predictions in a handy infographic

2016 was undoubtedly a year in which the full force of mobile’s presence was felt and when the industry really began to come to terms with the mobile future of search. It was also a year of multiple changes to ads and paid search – both in construction and in placement – and a year of increased drive toward personalisation.

So what, therefore, can we extrapolate from this? Well, the below infographic gives Click Consult’s initial opinions and predictions as to what we can expect to see from the coming year.



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As we can see, the year ahead should be an interesting one for those of us working in search marketing. We’re approaching a point at which marketing will, in the future, most likely be said to have entered a new era (or digital marketing to have reached maturity) and though it is difficult to say when a transitional period will be over and the new age to have begun (in any historical case), it is easy to say that 2017 will definitely be seen to be a turning point.

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