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As technology moves forward, the necessity to keep up often requires that a site is replaced rather than tweaked to offer the best user experience (UX), but you’ll need to make sure you don’t neglect your SEO or your rankings and traffic can suffer as a result

Too often in the search marketing industry, we see horror stories unfold in real time as brands launch a new website without properly considering their SEO. Whether it’s the accidental failure to remove a site-wide “noindex” during the transfer from the staging site, the implementation of too many pre-render, speed sapping script calls, or even a failure to use the right redirect, each can lead to catastrophic results for a site’s traffic and rankings.

For that reason, Click Consult thought it was about time we offered brands and business owners alike all they need to know to ensure that their new site not only performs as well as the old one, but potentially even better.

Your ‘SEO Strategy Planning for a New Website Build or Redesign’ eBook contains sections on:

  • Questions you’ll need to answer before beginning your project
  • Steps to creating a successful SEO strategy plan
  • What you’ll need to include in your web developer’s technical brief for SEO
  • Pre and post launch considerations
  • Handy checklists – and more!

Know someone else that’s redesigning or building their website? Why not help them out and share the eBook with them?

Google’s improvements in parsing JavaScript, the introduction of CSS3 and many more improvements to the weapons in the arsenal of web developers can have potentially huge benefits for UX, but without maintaining your focus on good SEO – there’s a chance the user may never even see the new site to experience them.

Click Consult has been around for a decade and a half, and have seen the web change a lot in that time – but never more profoundly and so quick as in the last three or four years; in most cases a period shorter than the expected life cycle of a website. While you don’t want to fall behind for what you’re not doing, however, it’s equally important to ensure you don’t fall behind for something you do – so we’re arming you for battle with your new website – and anything else you need is most likely available in our extensive resource section.

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