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SEO in 2019: 11 Things You Need to Know

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to achieve search marketing success in 2019

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Having been named Search Agency of the Year and Most Effective Agency in 2018, as well as regularly winning awards for our clients’ campaigns, we know a thing or two about what it takes to achieve search success

So we’re here to help you arm yourself with the information you need to face the key trends and game changers for the year ahead with this eBook, detailing the top 11 ways to get ahead of the game. Here are some organic search (SEO) game changers we’ve covered in the past:

Mobile-First as a key ranking factor

As we predicted, Google is now treating desktops are now a secondary technology, and mobile devices are primary. Mobile-First means that you will no longer have a mobile-friendly ‘version’ of your site. Google began notifying sites as they moved to Mobile-First indexing earlier this year, it’s never been more pertinent to emphasise that if you aren’t yet optimising your web presence for Mobile-First indexing, you really aren’t optimising at all.

The evolution of voice search

So many businesses have a focus on being on the first page of Google, but when it comes to voice search this isn’t good enough, you have to be in position one as it is these rich results that are read out in response to a query. This trend is one that is sure to continue as we head to a more tech-based way of searching.

The decline of last-click attribution

The part each channel plays in influencing a user’s paid search (PPC) journey  – and assigning a corresponding value – was an important piece of the puzzle that until recently was largely overlooked. Mathematical modelling and data-driven attribution, long championed by our own Head of PPC, was one of the most important recent additions to Google’s paid search offering.

What’s the best way to market your website on Google in 2019?

Start by asking yourself: how would I market myself if the internet didn’t exist?

  • Keep customer needs front of mind
  • Demonstrate transparency and trustworthiness
  • Make it easy to navigate and take action

How does this translate to SEO?

  • What Google tells its Quality Raters to look for when reviewing a website
  • How off-site content affects the way Google perceives your reputation
  • Why backlinks are still important
  • How you can’t ignore voice and image search

Looking for a deeper level of understanding of your own website’s search visibility?

We can show you what it will take to grow your website’s visibility with a extensive organic search (SEO) analysis. Our experts will analyse your website’s strongest and weakest areas of on-page and off-page SEO and provide bespoke insights utilising the most effective SEO principles. The result? Improved online performance and strong ROI for your business.

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