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Advanced Guide to Organic Search – Analytics & Measurability

SEO Uncovered: Advanced Guide to Organic Search

Chapter 5 - Analytics & Measurability

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While there are infinite possibilities as to how you can design and execute campaigns, there’s only one way to properly determine success – through analytics and measurability

It is a common misconception, especially outside of the industry, that modern SEO is an essentially creative endeavour, dealing with content, keywords, video, memes and campaigns – yet in addition to the creative component, the SEO Uncovered series has dealt with the technical requirements of effective SEO as well as the necessity of strategy and planning but the key to long term success is to learn and the way to learn is to take measurements and study the data.

With this in mind, Click Consult has long been committed to data driven SEO and, having downloaded this eBook, so too can you.

SEO Uncovered: An Advanced Guide to Search Marketing

Analytics and Measurability

With more than 20 pages of insights, tips and best practice, your eBook includes sections with all of the below titles and more:

  • Brief overview of Google Analytics
  • What is Google Analytics?
  • The Google Analytics tracking script
  • Key analytics metrics
  • Using Analytics to discover necessary optimisation tasks
  • Why you need clean data
  • Analytics and content marketing
  • Custom dashboards
  • Why dashboards and goals help
  • Search console
  • Some important reports
  • Third party tools
  • Measurement intervals

How measurability can help

There are a number of reasons to ensure you are recording the right data at the right times, but the overriding idea behind the practice is that it can help to ensure that success is maintained and set-backs learned from. By incorporating review and reporting into your long term SEO strategy, it is possible to improve the chances of lasting, long term success.

So, to further your chances of success, why not download your free eBook today – and add it to your collection of SEO Uncovered texts – and start making the data work for you.

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