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A Simple Guide to Bing Ads

A Simple Guide to

Bing Ads


It’s not news to state that paid search spend is growing every year – you’ll know from your budget sheets, but are you using every platform available to you?

It’s incontrovertible that Google Ads has the upper hand in the digital ad space, but Bing Ads is not prepared to let things lie. In the past it formed a cooperative with Yahoo! then came adCentre which was responsible for all ads showing on then MSN Search between 2006 and 2010. During this time, Microsoft acquired DeepMetrix, aQuantive, ScreenTonic, AdECN and YaData before merging them into adCenter.

Following this, a further contract was entered into with Yahoo! which led to the creation of what came to be known as the Yahoo! Bing Network. The addition of AOL, who took over Microsoft’s ad offering in return for displaying only adCenter ads on their network has meant that more than 1200 staff have moved from Microsoft to AOL.

All this serves to emphasise that Microsoft has not given up on building upon its ad offering. With Bing accounting for approximately 30% of search in the US and approximately 7% of search globally, and Microsoft looking to improve this all the time (see the back and forth between Google and Bing for Apple’s business – Siri has just left Microsoft to return to Google, but for how long?), there is a non-negligible portion of global audiences which are potentially being missed by any paid search strategy that fails to include Bing Ads.

The ‘A Simple Guide to Bing Advertising’ eBook contains sections that deal with:

  • What is Bing Ads?
  • How to use Bing Ads
  • Campaign settings
  • Ad groups & keywords
  • Ads & ad extensions
  • 5 tips for writing ad copy
  • Budget and bids
  • Comparing AdWords and Bing Ads

In addition to acquisitions, Bing Ads has also built out its offering in order to keep up with Google – with the two now almost identical. With global ad spend growing all the time, it is extremely unlikely that Microsoft will give up trying to increase their share. As such, learning Bing Ads now could well be an investment for a future in which Microsoft manages to somehow earn a similar global market share to that it has in the US.

While there is an import option in Bing Ads that will allow you to import your Google Ads campaigns in to Bing Ads, there is a statement from accompanying it that states all aspects will be matched to the nearest possible Bing Ads option. As such, you cannot guarantee that the import will be perfect – it pays, therefore, to know Bing Ads as well as you do AdWords.

This eBook represents a walkthrough of all of the key aspects of campaign creation and ad building, with best practice tips and links to further reading that will enable you to create the best possible ads and ensure you are not missing out on the opportunities for growth that the platform offers to those who have so far overlooked it.

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