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Mobile searches now outstrip those on desktops and tablets – and mobile shoppers expect to get what they need from your site quickly and easily, or they’ll simply go elsewhere. If you want to compete, being mobile-friendly isn’t a nice-to-have; it’s a must. This eBook shows you how to optimise your customers’ mobile experience for search, UX and conversions

You wouldn’t hide the location of a bricks-and-mortar store, install an achingly slow revolving door at the entrance, clutter the aisles, stock the shelves illogically, or hide the checkout.

Yet these are the obstacles many online retailers are effectively throwing in the way of their mobile customers, who are outnumbering desktop shoppers and who demand convenience and speed.

When you consider that mCommerce sales were worth more than £36 billion in 2017 – this is madness.

Mobile-First: desktop is no longer the default

Google is now actively demonstrating the importance of mobile search by basing their index on mobile, rather than desktop, versions of websites for the calculation of search engine results pages (SERPs). ‘Mobile-First Indexing’ means Google will use the mobile version of your site’s content to rank pages. Before the search engine crawled and indexed the web as a desktop browser would see the web page. Now, while still taking desktop into account, Google is crawling and indexing the web as a mobile browser would see it.

Retailers who’ve yet to adopt a Mobile-First approach:

  • offer a poor mobile UX, leading to a higher bounce rate and sending traffic to competitors
  • are likely to see their conversion rate  – and profits – plummet
  • could see a drop in search engine rankings – making it difficult for customers to find their site in the first place

Why you should download A Simple Guide to Mobile Commerce

The eBook explains:

  • Who your mobile shoppers are and what makes them different
  • How to optimise usability through navigation, site speed, copy etc
  • Mobile-First web design
  • Using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to enhance UX
  • Remarketing – how to tempt back lost customers using PPC

Phones are the ‘go-to’ device for everything – from social and search to shopping and much more in between. Adopting a Mobile-First approach is not just a competitive necessity, but also an opportunity to improve how you reach and interact with your audience.

Make sure you’re optimising your customers’ mobile experience for search, UX and conversions. Download A Simple Guide to Mobile Commerce to find out how.

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