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When it comes to social media for marketing, your ultimate aim is to build your business. This eBook will walk you through how to glean valuable information from Google Analytics’ social reports to get a clearer picture of how social media impacts your business

Of course, brand exposure, the ability interact with your audience customers and widen the reach of your content are key benefits – but you also need quantifiable results to truly justify your investment in social media marketing.

Why analyse your social media metrics?

The ability to understand and monitor ROI is vital to:

  • Get insights about your visitors, their behaviour and preferences
  • Quantify how many visitors are converting
  • Identify what’s working and what’s not
  • Make data-based decisions about your future strategy
  • Identify which platforms are delivering the most value
  • Demonstrate ROI to stakeholders

Social reports in Google Analytics

Google Analytics’ social reports allow you to go beyond the so-called vanity metrics generated by each platform’s native analytics, such as , ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. Although these figures are useful for giving you a snapshot of audience engagement, Google Analytics’ reports allow you to really prove the value of your social media programs.

This eBook covers:

Native analytics

The possibilities and limitations of each platform’s own insights and analytics reports

Google Analytics Reports

  • Social Overview: Compare each network’s performance at a glance
  • Networks Referral Report: See a detailed breakdown of which networks are sending you traffic and how visitors behave once on your site
  • Landing Pages Report: Identify which pages get the most attention with social media traffic to help you optimise your content
  • Conversions Report: Assign credit to social media’s role in conversion more accurately to prove the ROI of your social media marketing efforts
  • Plug-ins Report: Collect data about on-page engagement

Measure, test and adapt

As with any marketing strategy, your approach to social media needs to be continually measured, tested and flexible enough to adapt to your continually changing objectives and priorities.

‘Social Media Measurement – Maximising Results’ will help you to:

  • Familiarise yourself with Google Analytics’ social reports
  • Keep on top of which platforms are driving the most traffic to your site and whether that traffic converts
  • Analyse what the numbers are telling you about what’s working and how you can improve
  • Help you to plan where to spend your time and money

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