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Outreach is a powerful way to reach relevant audiences, create a buzz around your brand and develop quality inbound links to boost your search visibility. There are benefits for both parties: the blogger receives high quality content bespoke to their own and to their audience’s needs. For you, the exchange of content helps to boost awareness of your brand and strengthens your website’s organic search (SEO) profile by creating strong, natural backlinks

How does outreach marketing work?

Outreach is a strategic marketing exercise, which involves forging relationships with influential bloggers, capturing data, creating and distributing high quality, shareable content and amplifying its reach through social and ‘earned media’.

The ultimate aim of an outreach campaign is to create inbound links to your website from the influencers who feature your content. This signals to Google that your site is relevant and useful, and helps to boost your search engine visibility, particularly when links come from high authority websites.

Outreach has grown in importance as part of an ethical link building strategy, largely as a consequence of Google algorithm changes designed to clamp down on other, less reputable link, building techniques.

How to build links through outreach

  • Develop and maintain authentic relationships with relevant influencers
  • Build a genuine community which interacts with your website, your social channels and one another
  • Create  unique, engaging, high quality content that they’ll want to feature and share, linking back to your site

The key is to align your goals with those of the bloggers you approach. You’re always working with the dual objectives of maximising your brand’s exposure and adhering to the blogger’s content needs. That’s why it’s so important to do your research and identify the most suitable individuals with whom you feel you can develop a mutually beneficial relationship. You need to be prepared to invest time not only in your initial research, but also in developing and maintaining relationships with your contacts – successful outreach is an ongoing process, not a one-off activity or transaction.

The boxset includes:

  • Link Building Through Outreach: – How to engage with influencers to expose your content to relevant audience, drive targeting traffic to your site and build quality links
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Social Outreach: A guide to liaising with the movers and shakers on Facebook, Twitter and more – and to becoming an outreach ninja on social media
  • 5 Pillars of Outreach: The 5 key rules of outreach, including case studies which demonstrate how keeping these in mind will help you to achieve success
  • Competitor Benchmarking For SEO: If you want your online brand to stay ahead of the game, you can’t afford to drag your feet when it comes to monitoring the competition
  • SEO Uncovered – Relationships: Relationships – whether with publishers, enthusiasts or consumers, are a vital part brand building and link acquisition; so why are they so often overlooked by marketers?
  • SEO Secrets of Your Competitors Backlink Success: Examining your competitors’ backlink profile can help you to set a benchmark for your own website to achieve
  • A Beginner’s Guide to SEO & Digital PR: Self-publication and promotion are becoming increasingly important for businesses. If you’re not shouting about your brand, products and services then who is?

Why is maintaining a high-quality backlink profile so important?

Building legitimate inbound links, or backlinks, is an important strategy for marketing your website for two reasons:

  • They can drive referral traffic to your site
  • They can help you rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages)

Links are a vital signal to Google about the relevance and importance of a website and a crucial SEO factor. A good backlink comes from an authoritative website (one with a high Domain Authority, or DA), using anchor text that appears natural in the context of the content on a page

Generating and maintaining a strong backlink profile for your website requires ongoing maintenance. Since Google released its Penguin algorithm update back in April 2012, websites with backlinks deemed ‘unethical’ or ‘spammy’ (for example, low quality sites that try to gain an unfair advantage through excessive or paid link building) risk penalisation in Google’s SERPs to preserve the quality of results returned

Download this boxset and discover the route to amplifying your brand by creating the right content and ensuring it’s seen by the right people at the right time.

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