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The end of Google’s Universal Analytics is in sight – to ensure you have the data you need to make the right decisions, you’ll need GA4 in place and tracking data by July of this year. Don’t miss out!

We know that there will be brands and SMEs that have been successfully monitoring their Google Analytics accounts for years, but for whom the migration from one platform to another will seem daunting, or will take too much of their valuable time. As such, we’re offering to do it for you without the need to enter into an ongoing contract.

Our GA4 setup process will include:

  • Ensuring default page is properly configured
  • Putting filters in place to exclude internal traffic
  • Implementing the right attribution modelling
  • Excluding referral spam (fake traffic)
  • Making sure data retention is set for 14 months rather than the default two month limit
  • Enabling user-based reporting
  • Activating benchmarking reports
  • Linking your Google Ads, Analytics and other Google properties
  • And much more besides

We’ll simply need access to the existing Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts, FTP access to set up Google Tag Manager (or we can provide the code for your current web developers) and we’re ready to take the stress out of your migration.

We’re offering contract free GA4 migrations executed by our team of SEO and data experts priced as follows:

  • For non-eCommerce brands with Google Tag Manager added to their site: – from £600
  • For eCommerce brands with Google Tag Manager added to their site: – from £720
  • For non-eCommerce brands without Google Tag Manager added to their site: – from £720
  • For eCommerce brands without Google Tag Manager added to their site: – from £840

Make sure your data collection and analytics are future-proofed by having them set up by our experts.

Do you need to move to GA4?

As a result of Google announcements, there is now little doubt that Universal Analytics will end at some point in 2023 and, in order to ensure you have sufficient time to build in-house experience and gather at least a year of data, the transition to GA4 should be done as soon as possible.

GA4 is going to take a bit of getting used to – even the most ardent fans of the platform will admit that it’s an incomplete product, but even in its current state it shows a lot of promise and, hopefully, there’ll be a lot of improvement to come between now and the moment that UA stops collecting data.

Until that point – why not let us take care of the implementation? Or, if you’d like to try the migration yourself, you can check out our guide to making the switch.

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