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With businesses operating 24/7 and consumers making purchase decisions globally, there must be a way to track activity and get a feel for when and where these decisions are being made. Digital analytics offers this and with audiences being so ‘connected’ it is a handy way to track not only their search habits, but also things like location, device, time of day and spend

Information about the effectiveness of your engagements, and how you can turn them into business results, is only possible if you have the correct people who are highly skilled and that those individuals or teams are using the correct technology in the correct way. Making sure that your processes are in good order ensures that you have a uniformed approach to data capture, retention and analysis and that you are able to build an effective strategy to your business moving forward.

One of the key things here is to be able to understand where all of your information is being stored, the tools that you can use to extract the data and how you will implement it to ensure progression.

What to expect

Our ‘The Power of Digital Analytics‘ eBook contains sections on:

  • What is digital analytics?
  • Types of data
  • Quantitative data and qualitative data
  • What should you monitor?
  • Monitoring your leads

The statistics don’t lie, and if the results that you are seeing for your brand are not quite what you wanted or envisaged then fear not. The key to all digital and search marketing is that you need to create a strategy and that it is adaptable.

Testing is a crucial part of the job, and if you are in a position to constantly make small tweaks to your strategy, then you are sure to see results improve. The statistics and data that you gather and analyse will allow you to see which areas of the strategy are performing well, and which are not. You can use this information to your advantage by amending your outlook to improve performance.

Competitor analysis is vital if you are to stay ahead of the competition so remember to not only look at your data and analytics but that of your rivals.

You might be surprised at the impact data has on your business – download this eBook today to get started!

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