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For a medium that’s existed for barely two decades (even Facebook’s only been publicly available since 2006), social media marketing has evolved at a breakneck speed compared with other marketing channels. Luckily, we’re here to help you keep up to date and stay at the top of your game with this collection of our top resources

Today’s social media marketing requires much more than posting the odd comment now and then or, worse, going hard sell about your products and services. Successful brands have more than one string to their bow when it comes to their social strategy:

Building communities

Social media is going back to its roots and focusing on building authentic communities, rather than a platform for simply blasting out marketing messages. People are becoming blind to hard-sell social advertising and expect authentic, real-time interaction – and that includes with brands. To establish and maintain a successful community, you need to be focused on delivering real and thoughtful experiences and play the long game to achieve marketing objectives.

Combining organic & paid social

Organic social media offers a cost effective way to run an always-on, longer term brand awareness campaign, while paid social allows you to make a more immediate impact. Paid social can open up your brand’s online visibility to a wider, targeted audience – for example, through a sponsored post, helping to grow engagement and providing an opportunity to make an impression on audiences who might be hearing from your brand for the first time and hopefully, turning them into authentic, organic followers.

Social media platforms as search engines

It’s not just Google that people turn to when they’re looking for something specific. Did you know YouTube is the second biggest search engine? Or that Twitter has recently overhauled its Advanced Search function to help users find exactly what – or who – they’re looking for? All the more need to think like an SEO when organising your social media content.

Proving social ROI

Tracking the results of your social marketing efforts and proving its value can prove tricky. Only 9.4% of marketers say they’re able to quantify the revenue driven by social media, despite spending 13.8% of their marketing budgets on it.

Each platform has native analytics that are useful for showing you basic engagement metrics. But to really see the impact social media is having on your business, you need to analyse what users are doing when they click on a social link to your website and, importantly, whether they’re meeting your objectives.

Luckily, Google Analytics can provide the data you need to identify which channels are delivering the most value, make informed decisions about your future strategy, and allow you to justify your investment in social media marketing to stakeholders.

What you get

This anthology is a boxset of our most popular eBooks and workbooks that cover the trends above, helping you to keep informed and practised in the new world of social media marketing:

Social Media ROI Workbook

Using Google Analytics to monitor the performance of your social media strategy, understand which channels and content are engaging, growing and converting your audiences, and more accurately assess and demonstrate ROI.

A Marketer’s Guide to Instagram

How to build a winning strategy, types of post, filters and image sizes, the rise of Stories, IGTV, high-performing posts, the power of the hashtag, paid social for Instagram – and a case study to show you how its done.

A Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn Advertising

If you need to target a premium professional audience and drive high-quality leads to your businesses, using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on LinkedIn could be the perfect way to reach the right people, at the right time.

The Posting Playbook

Is your social media activity packing enough punch? When people share your social content, it’s a powerful stamp of endorsement. Here’s how to create engaging content for social media that delivers results.

Social Media & Content Marketing – a Match Made in Heaven

Perfect and combine your content marketing and social media offerings to get ahead of the competition. Here’s how to use them in harmony to get the most from your online results.

Success with Facebook Groups Workbook

Users crave the engagement and community spirit that epitomised the forums of the pre-social media internet. This is where Facebook Groups come in – authentic, real-time interaction with collaborative conversations, shared links and photos.

Getting Started With Twitter Ads

While it may not have the numbers that Facebook can boast, Twitter’s 300+ million active monthly users and their diverse nature make it a great candidate for your social media advertising budget.

YouTube SEO – How to Optimise for YouTube Search

YouTube is not simply a social media website; it’s a powerful search engine. Its user-friendliness, combined with the soaring popularity of video content, has made it the second largest search engine behind Google. Here’s how to apply what you know about SEO to your channel.

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