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Social Media Outreach

A powerful influencer marketing technique, social media outreach gets your brand’s content in front of a targeted, relevant and engaged audience by leveraging relationships with individuals who are highly socially active and influential

Harnessing influencer relationships

Social media outreach is an influencer marketing technique whereby we identify relevant social influencers across a wide range of interests and appropriate social media platforms. This allows us to reach out to them, create a dialogue and develop a relationship through which your content marketing assets can, through these influencers, reach much larger audiences, specific to your industry.

What is social media outreach?

This approach facilitates dialogue, relationship creation and content distribution within the social sphere. Social outreach enhances your content marketing strategy by distributing relevant content to bloggers with strong social authority, gaining their endorsement of your content and exposure to a pre-engaged audience.

What’s our approach to social outreach?

Our teams are experts in identifying and developing mutually-beneficial working relationships with key social influencers who have high engagement statistics and have built up a significant community of loyal followers and therefore target an audience specifically relevant to your brand and its message. By harnessing these relationships, and through social listening, we can tap into conversations which are already happening across social platforms and place your content in front of an engaged and receptive audience.

Using hashtags appropriately, we can assess social sentiment for your brand, content, demographics and popular keywords used in conversations. This enables us to reach out on your behalf to a wider social audience and influence decision making in an authentic manner.

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What are the advantages of social media marketing?

Social amplification offers a unique opportunity to engage with your audience on a personal level, and give your brand an informal voice that goes beyond the traditional corporate message.

Adding social media outreach to your content marketing campaigns is great for brand awareness, but also as part of your wider organic search strategy. Social media marketing allows a ‘real-time’ campaign strategy to be developed, putting your brand in front of an active audience and signalling to search engines that you are an active and relevant company. Interweaving campaign and social strategies will create a highly relevant campaigns, sending those all important trust signals straight to search engines.

It also offers the opportunity for your content to be reshared: the higher the relevance and quality of those shares, the greater the chance your content gets seen by the right audience, and attracts the right kind of response.

Our strategy combines the principles of brand management, link building and product/service advocacy to create a social endorsement pattern of high relevance and appropriate social signals

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