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Shopping Campaigns allow you to advertise specific products in the form of product listing ads (PLAs), a powerful way to showcase your products across Google and Bing to drive high quality traffic to your site. PLAs can include a product image, title, price, extensions, promotions and your domain name

The benefits of using Shopping Campaigns

More traffic and sales – Many of our clients experience significantly higher click-through rates (CTR) on PLAs compared to text ads that are shown in the same search engine results page. Conversion rates are also typically higher due to the visual and product-specific nature of the ad.

Better qualified traffic – We can increase the quality of your traffic by featuring product-specific calls to action in your ads. This increases the likelihood of shoppers making a purchase on your site after clicking on your ad.

Increased exposure – PLAs can appear on a search results page alongside a text ad from the same site. It is also possible to show up to eight PLAs for one site at the same time, to maximise your brand exposure. This is the only way more than one ad can appear on Google for the same website.

Need to compete – PLAs are such a successful ad format that most searches relating to products have PLAs on search engine results pages (SERPs). This reduces the amount of space available for traditional text ads making it much harder for ecommerce websites to compete with text ads alone.

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A great Shopping Campaign starts with a great product feed

To have a truly great Shopping Campaign, you need a great product feed. And with investment in shopping campaigns starting to surpass that in standard search solutions, it’s more important than ever to have a feed optimisation solution in place.

The Microsoft Advertising opportunity

Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) got in on the fun in Autumn 2015 with Bing Product Ads. We’ve seen some equally fantastic results for our clients on this search engine as for the more established Google Shopping Campaigns. In most cases, a good starting point is using a similar feed to the one used for Google. However, there are a number of differences between what constitutes best practice for a Google feed and a Microsoft Advertising feed; making feed optimisation all the more crucial.

feedTRAX™ our in-house feed optimisation technology allows us to dynamically optimise elements of your existing product feed to conform to the best practices of Google, Microsoft Advertising, eBay or Amazon. This boosts the performance of your Shopping Campaigns, increasing the potential for your products to rank higher and reduce average CPC.

Our product listing ads have, on average, 32% lower cost per acquisition (CPA) and a 51% higher conversion rate when compared to other paid search campaigns

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