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Act-On is a subscription based software-as-a-service (SaaS) product for marketing automation. Its software products include tools for email marketing, landing pages, lead management, social media prospecting, CRM integration, webinar management and analytics among others. Act-On allows businesses to market effectively online.

What is Act-On?

As the world’s fastest growing marketing automation platform, Act-On provides the perfect solution for businesses of any size and operating on any budget. Couple with the operating power of the technology, this makes Act-On the perfect marketing solution to support your search strategy.

Act-On can open up the world of marketing to your business far quicker than other technologies. The comprehensive features of the software means that it is possible to cover all areas of marketing automation and ultimately get the most from your search marketing activity.

Amongst the features that the software provides, there are tools for email marketing, lead management, social media prospecting, detailed analytics, landing page optimisation and webinar implementation. Utilising these tools can lead to both a significant increase in website traffic and lead generation.

The Act-On marketing automation platform streamlines, automates and measures inbound marketing campaigns. The platform is designed to cultivate and engage with your consumers at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Through Act-On we can implement campaigns to attract, nurture and convert your current prospects, while continuing to educate and delight converted consumers. The system allows us to identify, prioritise and connect with your strongest prospects, shortening the path to purchase. The insight provided by the platform allows our team of experts to create highly targeted and data-driven inbound campaigns, delivering the results that matter to your brand’s sales and marketing and objectives.

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 How do we utilise Act-On?

Act-On allows us to perform a plethora of functions for each client, which each combine to provide a complete inbound marketing strategy. An example of this process would be in the form of an automated email marketing campaign.

We would first produce high quality content and this would be sent out to your custom-made mailing list. Once received by the readers, we can use Act-On’s analytical tools to track the success of the campaign.

Those who choose to open, read or download can be considered as potential marketing qualified leads and at this stage, they have entered the customer buying cycle. Each user within the marketing segments will be nurtured throughout the campaign, encouraging more users to enter the funnel.

Additionally, we utilise Act-On’s analytics tools to support our reporting process, enabling you to see the results of your inbound marketing campaigns at any time. These statistics enable us to constantly monitor performance and make changes as and when we need to.

The comprehensive features of the software means that it is possible to cover all areas of marketing automation and ultimately get the most from your search marketing activity


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