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With over 313 million monthly active users and around 6,000 sent tweets every second, it is highly probable that topics relevant to your industry are tweeted about regularly. Click Consult can help to implement Twitter advertising as part of your search marketing strategy, to increase your company profile both on and off social media

Targeting Twitter ads

Targeting has grown into one of the unique selling points of Twitter advertising. We can use: keyword targeting to match ads to people who are tweeting about relevant keywords; reach people with specific interests or who are followers of specific accounts; or remarketing, to capture users who have engaged with your website.

Users can see Twitter Ads on relevant search result pages, on homepages and within user’s timelines. We offer options of promoting Tweets, Accounts or Trends (bespoke). The most popular of which are Promoted Tweets, which are a low cost and effective way of increasing engaging with relevant users. This creative type is not just limited to Tweets – expansions using Twitter Creatives can push videos, links to websites or even links to app stores.

Other options are promoted account, which is great for increasing account awareness, expanding your followers or to start snowballing popularity for new but active accounts. Promoted trends are most useful when merging marketing strategy on different channels together, and then increasing general exposure to specific personas/hashtags.

On top of targeting options such as gender, age and location, device; there are six main targeting options for Twitter advertising campaigns:

– Keyword Targeting to match up with what users are tweeting about. Users usually use Twitter for conversation or statements. We will use terms that appear in these tweets to match users tweet about relevant topics to your ads.

– Interests & Followers allows you to reach people with specific interests or who are similar to followers of specific accounts. To grow your audiences, we could potentially target followers of your competitors. This extra layer of relevancy means we know we are getting your brand in front of the right people.

– Tailored Audiences can be collated from adding code on your website and creating essentially a remarketing list, or uploading specific data including emails and mobile phone numbers.

– Behaviour Targeting for your brand, there will be certain behaviours and actions that correspond to your target audience. The audiences available are based on Twitter partners from actual online and offline behaviours and characteristics.

– Event Targeting these events can range from international holidays to country specific conferences Using Twitter’s own algorithms, it will place the ad in front of users who have expressed interest and/or tweeted about upcoming or previous events.

– Television one of the USPs of Twitter is how quickly users can interact and upload information on it. It isn’t surprising how often users tweet about shows and spoilers in real time. ‘Television’ targeting takes advantage of this, and we can push relevant ads to these programming times.

Tailoring your Twitter ads

To increase relevancy and engagement of your campaign you can add further layers of targeting on top of the above primary methods. For example, you could tailor your ads to prospects with niche interests, specific gender, ages or even target them at a certain stage in their life, such as new mums.

One of the USPs of Twitter is how quickly users can interact and upload information. Take advantage of this by targeting users who have engaged with a particular TV show and then push ads that could capitalise on the theme


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