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Reputation Management

With the importance of online brand research, real-time information sharing and social media influencing search results, creating and maintaining a positive online reputation management strategy is a must

Why do you need it?

With people becoming more search savvy, online reputation management has become a key focus in developing your brand visibility and showing that your brand is relevant, accessible and addressing the needs of the customer. By controlling the first page of search results for your key brand searches, we ensure that you control all that most users will ever see for your brand.

How do we do it?

Once we’ve defined the problem areas in brand searches, we set out to promote your social channels and already existing positive commentary, then build your reputation using our search engine knowledge to get the sites we select dominating the first page of Google rankings on your brand terms.

As potential customers are using more methods and devices to find you than ever before, we look holistically at the issues that your brand may face when it comes to commentary on the net; we then develop our strategy to combat negative commentary through our best practice in social media responses to real time reputation management issues.

Why choose us?

  • We blend social and organic search to maximise our efforts and results
  • Strategy focused team utilising best practice search results
  • A strategic understand of social media and how to utilise its channels
  • A creative knowledge and background in content creation
  • Brand focused specialists working across all teams

Your online presence is your store-front in cyberspace. As social-media shares, blog referrals and scores on aggregate sites increase in their importance, your consumers see this store-front through several filters – filters which could make or break your brand.

People in this online age are more search-savvy, they rely on trusted influencers and the electronic word-of-mouth represented by aggregate sites to inform their decisions. With reputation management you can control the first page of key brand searches, ensuring (through research and action on customer needs) that your brand determines what most customers will see.

Through extensive research, we can identify problems in branded search results and, using positive commentary you have already accumulated, use our 12 years of experience in search to build upon positive narratives and promote chosen sites to the first page of branded SERPs.

There are no tricks or cheats, but through a holistic and ethical strategy, bespoke to your brand, we will seek to combat negative commentary while responding in real-time to reputation management issues.

  • We blend our social media and search expertise to ensure results.
  • Our motivated, experienced and focused team work a campaign tailored for you.
  • We understand social media across channels.
  • We have 12 years of content production experience.
  • Brand focused specialists working across all of our teams.

To find out more about what we do to create positive, natural and controlled results for our clients a case study can be found here.

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