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A Beginner’s Guide to Google’s Algorithm

We’re experts in search. Simple. Yet we want you to be too. With this beginner’s guide, we offer all you need to know about Google’s main algorithm changes to date.


Link building through outreach

Having high quality links pointing to your website is an important part of its SERPs success. We believe that the future of link building lies with outreach and content that interested parties will want to use and share online


How we help clients with penalty removal and recovery

Penguin’s core focus is to analyse the link profiles of the websites indexed in Google and ascertain whether they are natural, relevant and whether linking is being used in a way that makes Google a valuable source of information.


Surviving the Mobile First Index

While the vast majority of brands will have heard of the concept of the Mobile First Index, a surprising number still have no concrete idea what it is, what it means for their business or how they intend to tackle it


Google Timeline Infographic

Early changes to the Google algorithm came somewhat thick and fast at times and not at all at others, but it has evolved consistently since Larry Page and Sergiy Brin began on the search engine at Stanford University


A beginner’s guide to Google’s algorithm – Google’s greatest hits

In conjunction with the release of our comprehensive guide to the Google Algorithm, Click Consult have put together a quick reference blog and infographic featuring Google’s greatest hits

Traffic Drop Troubleshooter

A Google penalty is every webmaster’s nightmare, and a drop in traffic or loss of ranking can be just the thing to provoke it – has the worst happened? What has caused it? Find out.



How to prepare for Google’s Mobile First index

With more time served in search marketing and digital strategy than most agencies, Nick Wilsdon’s advice is not to be ignored – and so pads and pens were in action again as he discussed the impending arrival of Mobile First SERPs



How to spot if you’ve been moved to Mobile First indexing

It’s here at last (mostly), and Google have offered a helping hand for those who want to know if the switch has happened to them – check the log file, but how do you do that and what do you look for?

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